DroidJoy will turn your Android Smartphone in a real gamepad device for your Windows PC. It offers a huge amount of controller configurations, so that you can individually use it for multiple game genres. DroidJoy is not a simple keyboard mouse emulator, it is a real gamepad. The driver and the server will be available for Windows 7 and higher. You have the possibility to emulate standard XInput devices. The server can handle up to 4 DroidJoy clients so that you can easily play multiplayer games with your friends by only using your Smartphones.

Many thanks to Shaul Eizikovich and Benjamin Höglinger for providing the virtual gamepad driver ScpVBus.

The video below will give you a short preview about the remote gamepad functionality.


Version 2.1.0

  • - Real gamepad emulation
    • * Multi client support
    • * Up to 14 Buttons
    • * Accelerometer support
    • * Buttons, d-pad, left/ right joystick
    • * Allow usage of volume buttons
    • * Use WiFi or Bluetooth connection
    • * XInput emulation
  • - Gamepad layout configuration
  • - Easy server client connection


If you have already installed the DroidJoy app and the DroidJoy server but you are not able to establish a connection, maybe one of the following introductions will help.

The Firewall

The most common reason for connection problems is the Firewall. This tool sometimes blocks the DroidJoy server and prevents a connection with the DroidJoy App. So you have to make an exception for the DroidJoy server in the firewall. Furthermore, be sure that the ports which you have configured in the DroidJoy app and the DroidJoy server are open.


It is important that your Smartphone and your PC are connected with the same network (WiFi). If not, you will not be able to establish a connection.

Hint: The connection won't work with your mobile data network.

Anti-Virus Software

Sometimes your Anti-Virus software (Antivir, Kaspersky, Norton etc.) would block the network capabilities of DroidJoy. You could try to make an exception for the DroidJoy server in your Anti-Virus Software.

If it doesn't work, please contact the support of your specific Anti-Virus program.


If you are still not able to establish a connection and no other solution in this section has helped, please feel free to contact me at I will do my best to answer you as soon as possible.

Hint: Sometimes simply restart the DroidJoy server and the DroidJoy app will solve your problems.


The DroidJoy server is using an API from 32feet to enable bluetooth communication. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that bluetooth will work on your PC. There are several bluetooth stacks in use and not all of them are supported by the API. If the DroidJoy server will not be accessible via bluetooth, this will be indicated in the User Interface of the server application.

Please be sure that you have enabled bluetooth on your PC and check if your PC is set to visible.

Game support

In the new version of the DroidJoy server you have finally the possibility to emulate PC XBox 360 gamepads for your PC. All modern games should be supported you can play every game which supports PC Xbox 360 gamepads (XInput gamepads). If you have any problems with one of your games don't hesitate to contact me.


Below you can download the DroidJoy server and the android application. The server is only available for Windows devices. The server has been tested on Windows Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.
If you have any problems during the installation process please don't hesitate to contact me.

DroidJoy server

You can download the DroidJoy server software for Windows PCs from this website. The server is currently available only for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. If you have any problems during the installation process please contact me at

If you want to download the DroidJoy server for Windows XP or Windows Vista, please use the specific legacy download links. The Windows XP and Windows Vista version is deprecated and no longer supported. No XInput emulation is available in this legacy version.

!!!ATTENTION: You must have the newest official Microsoft XBox 360 gamepad driver installed on your System!!!

All information about DroidJoy can be found here!

NEW server for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10

Legacy server for Windows XP and Windows Vista

This version is no longer maintained and may contain bugs

DroidJoy Application

For the DroidJoy client application please visit the the Google Play store or Amazon Appstore. Alternatively you can click one of the links below. Please note that the functionality is limited in the lite version. Furthermore you will need a device with Android 5.0 or higher.


This section will provide you all links to the documentation of DroidJoy. If you have a question which is not covered by one of the links below, feel free to contact me.


If you have any questions or suggestions for improvements don't hesitate to contact me. You can either use my E-Mail address below or visit the DroidJoy Facebook page. I will try to answer you as soon as possible. For more information about myself or if you are interested in one of my other products, please visit the main page of this website.



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